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A Picture Book For Here and Now

Lubna and Pebble

Watching the attacks happening in Ukraine is leaving many (including me) struggling to find the right action. Do we reserve an airbnb to get funds in the hands of hosts? Assemble supply kits for refugees? Donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross?

Maybe all of those things, and one more to grow understanding for children… Lubna and Pebble is the story of a girl looking for refuge with her father. While the book gives glimpses of the refugee experience to explore: arriving at safe harbor in the night, family left behind or lost, the unfamiliar tent city… What I love is that it centers on the resilience and love of Lubna, how she makes Pebble a friend when she needs one most, how she tells Pebble her story, how she (and her father) keep it warm, eventually sharing Pebble with a new friend, Amir.

A child-friendly definition of refugee: someone who must leave their home because of danger and come to a place of safety. -SSL

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