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Reading While Black: A Conversation With Isabelle “Isy” Ibibo

At the end of March, Isabelle “Isy” Ibibo and I finally had a conversation. It had taken almost a year for us to find time to chat and it was so worth it. Isy is a high-energy book nerd just like me!

Isy shared her vision as a librarian, her view of the organized attempts to ban books in the United States of America, and her Summer book recommendations.

Here are resources from Isy:

Book Recommendations:

You So Black by Theresa Tha S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D.

Frizzy by Claribel A. Ortega

How to Be a (young) Antiracist by Nic Stone and Ibram X. Kendi

Multnomah County Library Resources:

Non-MCL Resources:

I wish each of you the summer that you need!


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